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The world of Economy and Finance. Made easy.

Zero interest rates. Feer of missing out. Records at the stock markets. Pension funds in crisis. Exploding costs for health insurance - we have rarely seen more turmoil at the financial markets, the challenges for governments have hardly ever been so extensive, and the consumers’ questions have never been as pressing: What does that mean for our country? Especially for me? What can I do, what should I do? It’s a journalist’s job to answer this kind of questions. It’s my job. Since 2001 I am working as a journalist and editor at the German Sunday newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” and the daily “Die Welt”. I am covering any topic related to financial markets, in articles, reports and interviews. I am specialized on topics like currencies and the Euro crisis, emerging markets and China, stock markets and general financial topics. Besides I am regularly apperaring as an expert for these topics on TV, in the radio or at public events of any kind. I started my carreer in 2000. At that time a financial editor was the big star at every party. It was the time of the dot- com-bubble and everybody wanted some hint about hot picks. The dot-com-bubble burst long time ago. But the financial markets are more exciting and more important than ever before. That‘s what I am trying to pass to the public. Besides I have published several books. Read more about this on the following pages.

You see: It’s the economy - exciting!

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